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So far I’ve seen two C & P doctors for my narcolepsy, and both said I don’t have narcolepsy.  If you Google the symptoms, I have all of them, especially hallucinating during the day and sleep paralysis at night.  I can’t drive more than a mile without falling asleep at the wheel.  My wife hates asking me to watch a TV program with her because I can’t stay awake.  During my last VA appointment the nurse was so concerned about my drowsiness she thought I had a stroke.  I had narcolepsy when I was in the service but I never reported it to anyone.  Any suggestions how I can get service-connected for narcolepsy?

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A1:  You need three things to win a claim, an illness or injury in service, a nexus of care from service to the present, and a current diagnosis of a chronic condition. You don't seem to have evidence of all three.  (AP)  1/18/19

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