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Are there any exceptions made on Blue Water sailors that docked at DaNang and served off shore taking in potable water from rivers (cooking, eating, bathing)?   I have three symptoms of Agent Orange exposure. Are there any lawyers who would take my case? I have Parkinson, diabetes, and neuropathy.

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A1:  You may want to ask a VA attorney if he/she would take your case. Your VSO should have a list of VA attorneys in your area.  (RC)  1/16/19

A2:  First off-WELCOME HOME!! As brow2n water snipe,I can tell you that if you docked in DaNang,the you are considered in country.Contact the DAV rep.at your local VA and tell them the hull number of the ship and let them(DAV) represent you.DAV wins more claims then anyone.GOOD LUCK squid!! Let me know how you are doing!!  (PD)  1/16/19

A3:  At present, the answer is no, however, this problems with blue water sailors are being address and getting attention by certain congressmen. However, you can contact Hill&Ponton, a law firm that assist with VA disabilities.  (AD)  1/16/19

A4:  Get the Senators to pass HR299 to include Blue Water Saiors in compensation for Agent Orange. I too have diabetes,neuropathy and ISchemic heart problems.  (WW)  1/16/19

A5:  All I have to say is file file file and don't wait too long. Best to you from a brown water river rat.  (WR)  1/16/19

A6:  Welcome home. Thank you for your service. After reading some of these l will only add one thing. Don't give up after you get started. My husband and l filed his claim for prostate cancer sent all kinds of proof to back his claim. They stalled for nine years because he was also labeled Blue Water. They finally approved after 11 years. Now we're waiting for rating of disability. Best advise l could give you get a VA Lawyer. You have a much stronger case than us. I want to wish you best of luck.  (LM)  1/17/19

A7:  Yes. I was aboard the USS Coral Sea (CVA43) and we docked in Danang Harbor to offload helocopters. I got a copy of the Ships Logs that showed the ship was in the harbor. I was also billeted at Camp Horn with the 3rd Marines. The National Archives has all the Ships Logs. You need to research them.  (AC)  1/17/19

A8:  You don't need a lawyer. Contact the nearest DAV service officer.   (AP)  1/18/19

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