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I have had hearing problems due to noise exposure in a submarine engine room in the 1940's era diesel subs.  How can I get compensated for this?

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A1:  WELCOME HOME!! Disability for hearing loss is compensatable under VA regs,as long as you are being treated by an audiologist.Remember,if its not on paper it never happened.GOOD LUCK!!!  (PD)  1/16/19

A2:  IS there any record of your hearing before service and after service? This will tell volumes.  (MH)  1/16/19

A3:  Take your DD 214 to your nearest VSO, DAV, VFW, Purple Heart, American Legion, etc., and file a claim. The VSO can give you a very good opinion.  (GH)  1/16/19

A4:  Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) is presumptive (10% rating) for anyone who served in the engineering spaces. Your rate/NEC and proof of service on submarines should be sufficient. Compensation for actual hearing loss will depend on what your Service medical Records show and what you have now. Your Veteran Service Officer should set you up with an audiologist familiar with VA Compensation & Disability ratings.  (DJ)  1/17/19

A5:  Call the VA request a Hearing Test. The VA will give you a 10-20% disability rating. The V.A. will send you 160-260 bucks to your bank monthly. Your hearing is worth more than that! (it's EZ) Look into getting it retroactive Good Luck!  (KK)  1/17/19

A6:  Contact your nearest DAV service officer to file a claim for hearing loss. You will need a recent hearing test as well as the last hearing test from your service.  (AP)  1/18/19

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