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I read that those vets 75 or over would have priority to be processed on disability filings. As of today, it’s been 3 yrs since I’ve heard anything on my 4 disabilities that I am receiving care from Dr. at VA. Why haven’t I received any answers?

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A1:  Dear brother,Remind these people that recent legislation says that any Veteran 65 or older is is now considered totally disabled.Contact the DAV rep. at your local VA,and GOOD LUCK!  (PD)  1/16/19

A2:  Maybe,you should check into the new Ramp program.Check with your local vso. They can give you answers.  (MH)  1/16/19

A3:  Receiving care from the VA Healthcare system and filing a claim are two different issues. File a claim for those issues with a VSO. Your primary care at the hospital or clinic does not file a claim. If you have not heard is it because you have an appeal filed.  (GH)  1/16/19

A4:  There's no such thing as priority for veterans over 75. All claims are processed in the order received. If your claim is complex it will take longer.  (AP)  1/18/19

A5:  There is one way that you can speed up your claim to be adjudicated: Only if you are suffering from a terminal disease. Get documentation from primary physician and submit to the Regional Office to what is called the "Tiger Team". They will immediately 'fast track' it and take care of your claim very quick  Be Patient and Persistent.
Take Care, My Brother!  (RA)  1/21/19

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