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I have had a few issues brought on by situations in Army. I was a proud soldier of 23 years and never whined about anything. What information should I submit to up my disability rating? I have sleep apnea, right knee replacement and a short temper when I hear certain sounds. Please advise me.

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A1:  You should submit your Sleep Apnea.  (MD)  1/20/19

A2:  Take as much docamatation you can from Private Doctors that might be treating you for these conditions and as much of your military medical records you have to support these claims.  (GM)  1/20/19

A3:  You need to see a service officer and make sure you have all you medical records. You have to apply for mental health for PTSD with your primary care doctor.  (BB)  1/20/19

A4:  Can you get more the 100% rating and payment.  (MS)  1/20/19

A5:  Contact the DAV, Disabled Veterans of America....look up your local or regional office. They will send you a affidavit. Sign it and send them all you info..details, they will represent you and keep you notified of va decisions....all for free...they are awesome.  (LB)  1/20/19

A6:  You need more new evidence from civilian or VA doctors and then go for an increase. Old evidence that has been submitted can NOT be resubmitted. Do you have medical evidence of sleep apnea and knee problems during your time in service? If you do, submit it if you haven't submitted it. Or if the problem has worsen submit that as new evidence. For your short temper, they will send you to "Anger Management" classes. I would not mention 'short temper' to the psychiatrist.  Be Patient and Persistent!  Take Care, My Brother.  (RA)  1/21/19

A7:  All of these conditions have to be diagnosed in service or within a year of service.  (AP)  2/1/19

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