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I served 9 years in the Navy, a time and service I am very proud of.  Here’s my issue.  The week I outprocessed from the Navy I was given many special details.  One of the detail assignments included working around a lot of male sailors at night.  One night I was approached by one of the sailors and he was very sexually aggressive towards me, and one thing led to another and eventually he raped me.  I never said a word about it to anyone.  Nine months later I had a child and the baby looks just like him.  I haven’t been with any men since I left the Navy so I know it is his kid.  He’s still in the Navy, and I want him to pay child support, but I don’t want to get him in trouble.  He’s a top ranking Petty Officer, and has a wife and three kids.  What should I do? 

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A1:  You should go after what you are entitled too. If it gets him trouble so be it. Or you could do it very quietly and get the money you are owed.  I am retired navy guy with two great kids.  (MD)  1/20/19

A2:  First you should contact him and let him make a decision as to what he is going to do.  Second if he says he isn't going to do anything it needs to be brought to the attention of the command.  Third he is responsible then he meeds to take responsibility one way or another you have to think of you and your childs Future. I am sorry about his current family but you need to think about yours.  (TB)  1/20/19

A3:  He played he should pay.  (MH)  1/20/19

A4:  1st get a DNA test. Then let his command know of his conduct. He could do this again.
(PR) 1/20/19

A5:  You want him to pay child support but you don't want to get him in trouble. Lady, he raped you, he should not get away with it. Who gives a crap what he has now. He should pay for what he did.Im sure your scared for life from this. Probably treat every man different now that this has happened. Do you really think he is going to give you any money if you call him and ask for support. No. This needs to be turned into legal action. Call your lawyer. Make him pay dearly.   (DM)  1/20/19

A6:  There's nothing you can do without getting him in trouble.  (AP)  2/1/19

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