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Have been diagnosed w/ I last year with Type 2 diabetes. Could this be result of exposure to Agent orange since I was combat soldier in Vietnam in 1971?  Please advise and thank you.

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A1:  Type 2 Diabetes is on the Presumptive list for Agent Orange. You should see your VSO to submit a claim for your Diabetes 2 to be a service connected disability.  (RC)  1/21/19

A2:  Yes. Diabetes is caused by AO. So is peripheral Neuropathy, a secondary to Diabetes. If you have been diagnosed by a VA or private doctor, go to your local DAV office with your DD-214 and evidence of your diagnosis and file a claim.

Also, if you have Erectile Dysfunction (ED), is is caused by the diabetes meds and if you can get your doctor diagnose you with ED, you should claim that too. You won't a rating for ED, but you will receive approx., ($150) a month. Good Luck.  (JL)  1/21/19

A3:  Answer is yes. DM II is a presumptive disease for exposure to AO. A copy of orders showing you were in Vietnam and a properly filled out form and the medical records from the Doc who diagnose with DMII will get you in the que for a C&P exam and you will most likely be eligible for the award.  (MM)  1/21/19

A4:  Highly probable. Contact your VA Service Officer for your county at your state's Department of Veterans Affairs. Get info from him and request he assist you in completing a VA Claim.  (JF)  1/21/19

A5:  Yes, this is a presumptive illness to agent orange exposure. Therefore, file the claim and it shouldn't be any problem. Have a great day.  (AD)  1/21/19

A6:  Type 2 diabetes is a presumptive condition of exposure to Agent Orange. Make sure you apply for compensation ASAP.  (LW)  1/21/19

A7:  Type two diabetes is a result of Agent orange. You would be entitled to a disability claim for this condition. By any chance do you also have prostate cancer?  (JK)  1/21/19

A8:  04/18/1972 Durign The Battle ofAn Loc, I was shot down and landed in an abandoned rice paddy area. 01/15/2018 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and VA allowed combat disability rating related to agent Orange.  (RK)  1/21/19

A9:  WELCOME HOME BROTHER!! The answer to your question is absolutely! Also prostate cancer, hypertension and others.Refer to this web site or contact the DAV at your local VA.GOOD Luck and feel better.  (PD)  1/21/19

A10:  Have you contacted your local VA as yet? If I suggest you contact them ASAP and inquire.  (JMH)  1/21/19

A11:  Yes!  (JV)  1/21/19

A12:  Type 2 diabetes is an agent orange presumptive disease for anyone who had boots on the ground in Vietnam. You need to contact a service officer through a veterans service organization such as the VFW, American Legion, DAV or similar organization to assist you wiyh filing a claim. There is no charge for their assistance and you do not have to belong to the organization to be helped. You can also get assistance at your county veterans affairs office.  (GB)  1/21/19

A13:  Yes type 2 diabetes is an automatic 20% benefit. File a claim asap.  (KS)  1/21/19

A14:  I have Type 2 diabetes and receive compensation from the VA. They awarded me this disability from Agent Orange exposure. I was on the DMZ in Korea in 1971 where they also used Agent Orange. There are other illnesses from this exposure. Google it and / or visit your local VA office. Good Luck.  (RD)  1/22/19

A15:  Type 2 has been being paid by the VA for years check it out get a Rep.  (LM)  1/22/19

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