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I was an aircraft maintainer in the USAF and while I have no obvious injuries on record, I am certain my back and neck issues are related the huge stress my career field put on my body. My question is how difficult is it to service connect back and neck issues to a maintenance career?  I have multiple appointments showing back and neck pain as well as x-rays, MRI, physical therapy and chiropractor that I paid out of pocket for. All while in the service. 

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A1:  Talk to a vso. The basis for a claim is the evidence should be in your military medical records. In addition, you might need a nexus letter from your doctor.  (AD)  1/21/19

A2:  I am an NP who has done physicals for comp Nd pension through some VA contracted agencies. I think a good clinician could help your service connection if you have documented service related issues ( while you were in service) and physical findings. Best wishes.  (SD)  1/21/19

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