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Hello, when I discharged from the Air Force I was told I had a hearing disability. It has progressed over the years. My question is: Who or where should I contact to get information to get into the VA. I applied for the VA medical several years ago and was denied because I was in a non-combat era. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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A1:  You're a veteran,go to the nearest va and sign up.If you have you're records take them with you if not they can get them for you.Don't give up.Non-combat has nothing to do with it.If it is on record stay the course.  (MH)  1/23/19

A2:  I also had Hearing lost when I got out and was non combat. If they told you on exit you had it it should be in your medical file if so check with your local Veterans Service Officer and they can get the ball rolling. I have had Hearing aids for 6 years now and ETS 1982 all covered by my local Va Hospital.  (JP)  1/23/19

A3:   Don't go direct to the VA hospital. Go to an organization like American Legion.  My opinion.  (RB)  1/24/19

A4:   You do not have to be in a combat area to claim service connected hearing loss or tinnitus. If you were around loud noises, such as jet engines while in the service, you can claim hearing loss. You will have to make the claim (use a service officer) and take a hearing test.  (CR)  1/24/19

A5:  You don't need to be in Combat to claim hearing loss. I suggest you see the nearest DAV service officer.  (AP)  2/1/19

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