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I would like to know how my time in Vietnam and being exposed to a lot of Agent Orange would predestine me for Diabetes Type 2?

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A1:  Type 2 Diabetes is an Automatic condition associated with Vietnam.  Disability varies.  (JT)  1/23/19

A2:  All of Vietnam is now considered as exposed to Agent Orange. My Diabetes Type 2 is covered by VA. Also, watch out for prostate cancer issues.  (SC)  1/23/19

A3:  Predestine to have diabetes not necessarily. However agent orange does cause diabetes type II. If you have high glucose and high AC1. A good possibility you have Type II. See a VSO and file a claim. Use Am Legion, DAV, VFW or other service organizations.  (GH)  1/23/19

A4:  Type II diabetes is on the Agent Orange presumed list. Contact a service officer to file a claim.  (CR)  1/24/19

A5:  Diabetes is a presumptive condition for exposure to Agent Orange, along with many others.  (AP)  2/1/19

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