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I have been operated on for colon cancer, bladder cancer and the doctors want to get into my prostate to check for cancer there due to my PSA numbers being so high. I have seen too many of my friends die from prostate surgery and I won't let them touch me. I submitted this information to the VA when I submitted my name to the Agent Orange list.  After submitting my name I was told that both, colon & bladder cancers were not on the Agent Orange list for compensation. Why is that?  All three are located within inches of each other and only one makes the list!

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A1:  Shulkin submitted bladder cancer in 11/2017. The administration fired him and now opposes it for COST reasons. Call the HVAC to object.  (JO)  1/25/19

A2:  Still waiting on my claim appeal. I already have Agent orange approved for my heart. So they cant say I was not exposed. never smoked and I had bladder cancer. No I have a urostomy.  (JC)  1/25/19

A3:   I also have bladder cancer,served in vet name 69 to 70.  Have gone through 32 bcg treatments and go for a cystostopy every 6 months also have been rejected. They approved the marine base in Georgia for bladder cancer after it was proved they drank contaminated water I guess the water we drank in Vet Man was purified. Until the president gives his ok were screwed even though the medical association has said bladder cancer is caused by agent Orange. I guess the government is waiting until we all die off. Its a money issue.  (VS)  1/25/19

A4:  I had colon cancer surgery in 1986. Back then they said it was not on the list....im waiting for it to show up on the stupid list before i die.  (GM)  1/25/19

A5:  I have heard in some cases claims have been paid but only after lawyers were involved. Have also heard bladder cancer is next on the list....but may be on hold as there are to many of us alive. They will drag it out until most of us are dead.  (TZ)  1/26/19

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