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Why does the VA approval department deny a claim for PTSD and disability compensation when the VA branch in Lexington approved me for PTSD therapy?

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A1:  Probably due to bad claim preparation. Take your informatiom to DAV service pfficer and file a nod notice of disagreement.  (TB)  12/31/18

A2:  It is two different things. The medical side of the VA will normally help you no matter what but the administrative side of the VA tries not pay pay anything to anyone. That is their job. Gather up your documentation and send it to your U.S. Senator who can influence the outcome.  (JD)  1/3/19

A3:  On your VA Rating Decision, there should be an area called the "narrative" which explains in detail how and why the VA made that decision. For a clear and detailed explanation of the VA's decision and to answer any questions you may have (including filing an appeal for your claim) you should see your County Veteran Service Officer. Our service is free and we are well trained and knowledgeable on all VA and State benefits available to Veterans and their families. You have a short window of time to file your appeal, so I suggest you do not delay in visiting them or your Veteran Service Organization for assistance. The appeals process changed recently so you will need an expert. God bless you.  (KF)  5/2/19

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