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I am not receiving VA compensation and was told I could not claim hearing loss for a disability. I served 23 years in US Navy as a Boiler Technician working in fire rooms and machinery spaces with consent to high noise levels. I now have hearing loss and wear hearing aides.  Can I submit a claim for hearing loss?

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A1:  Take your DD-214 to your nearest VSO with Am Legion, VFW, DAV, AmVets, PH, PVA or another Service Organizations. File for hearing loss and Tinnitus. Also, file for asbestosis. Do not listen to Stockade Lawyers.  (GH)  1/30/19

A2:    Yes you should file, as an mos working in loud noise conditions qualified as a "High Probability MOS" for disability. Step 1. Request your audiology test results from your VA Hospital.  2. File a claim for tinnitus, and also file a claim for hearing loss.  Be aware that your civilian job may play a roll in the out come of your claim.  Register on "www.va.ebenefits.gov"  To select VSO, and keep track of your progress.  (RW)  1/30/19

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