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Served in the USAF from 1970 - 1993, with ten years in the Postal Service. I have many of my active duty medical records, which state kidney problems, high blood pressure, back issues, and other problems. I am 67 years-old now, and all these conditions have been an issue since my retirement. Is retroactive disability or disability out of the question?

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A1:  My experience is that it is only retroactive to the date you filed the claim. I had one claim that took two years to be approved, so it was nice to get the two years of back pay.  (AB)  2/1/19

A2:  Apply for your benefits. The VA will call you in for an exam. complete a 526ez and submit copies of your disability diagnosis and hopefully have you have been receiving some treatment post active duty, and if so get those treatment records and submit all to the VA's Evidence Intake Center (844) 531-7818. If you need assistance contact a veteran's service office. You can find a list of service offices on the back of the form VAF 21-22 to assist. Better yet you should contact the American Red Cross in Washington DC. 202 632-4612. Good Luck!!!  (RT)  2/1/19

A3:  I didn't file for disability for my knee until much later. I got 10% but since the amount was less than the retirement check from 22 years in Army I did not get retroactive. The amount was deducted from my retirement check by the VA and sent to me separately each month tax exempt. That is how it was explained to me.  (DL)  2/1/19

A4:  I submitted my disability request forms everything proper iSeptember 2010   I received a denial of my disability request and a few of it September 2011. Then 2017 February I received an increase from 30% disability to 60% disability. I had submitted all my evidence all my documentation they wanted to confirm they had a separate appointment for me with one of their doctors. In January.   In February 2017 I was given one month back pay and that was it !they told me I get no more because they JUST realized in January that I had the problems I had submitted for back in 2010! Kaplan hour and 20 minute conversation with over the telephone looked at all my files of records. they said no that's all you get!! I have combat wounds from Vietnam, frag metal next to my lower spine, Tinnitus,significant hearing loss near deaf left ear, hearing aids, PTSD I had over 100 + combat assaults and received Purple Heart when wounded, spent 3 1/2months in 4 hospitals with several surgeries. Then after 2 years being treated for PTSD by a Dr. her report was submitted and I am now rated 80% as of Oct 2018 with retro on that for one month too. My combat medic service included Bronze Star -Valor and 5 Army Commendations with V Deviceformy battles. On my hearing, they responded (after providing all my combat awards to them) their written statement said it appears you may have been in combat and gave me zero on my deafness! They don't care.  (BB)  2/1/19

A5:  No they are not retroactive. Compensation is paid from date of filing. Go to VSO at the American Legion, VFW, DAV or other Service Organization and file. Take you DD-214 and medical records from service with you. Records such as SF88/93, SF600 and Sick Slips and Treatment records. You should have filed in 1993.  (GH)  2/1/19

A6:  Retroactive pay would start from the day you filed for disability. You can file for disability but must be able to show some evidence through medical records or a doctor.  (MW)  2/2/19

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