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I was exposed to Agent Orange while in Vietnam.  I was stationed aboard USS Catamount LSD-17 from Nov 1965 to 1967 and the stationed in Danang and Dong Ha, RVN 1968-1970. I now have an enlarged prostrate and sure it is due to handling Agent Orange on the docks in Danang. I am currently being seen by a doctor at Sacramento CA hospital. Question is; am I going to get compensated or not? I was turned down before because they said I didn't have enough evidence.

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A1:  Can do this a couple of things. first complete 526ez requesting service connection for prostate condition - show proof that you were in Vietnam (dd214) and get a Nexus Letter (google nexus letter for an example of how it should read) from your doctor stating that he has reviewed your service treatment records and it is in his opinion "it is highly likely" that your enlarged prostate is from your exposure to Agent Orange. Contact a service representative to assist you. A service representative is a free service to veteran's provided by the VA. GOOD LUCK.  (RT)  2/1/19

A2:  Enlarged prostate is not prostate cancer. Have you filed for Prostate Cancer? Go to a VSO (accredited) with VFW, DAV, Am Legion or other Service Organization and have them review your denial letter. You appear to have established presumptiveness to Agent Orange by assignments.  (GH)  2/1/19

A3:  I have a service connected disability and in 1972 they gave me a 10% disability and they keep turning me down for an increase until last year. I got a VA attorney involved and I went up to 60%.Try it.  (FJ)  2/2/19

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