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My husband, a Navy Veteran had an open case for Agent Orange exposure since 2001. He passed away in 2016. he had diabetes, hypertension, Early stage Parkinsons Disease and Ischemic Heart disease. We incurred a lot of medical expenses for him and he was repeatedly denied because he wasn't "boots on ground". Is a surviving widow entitled to any kind of compensation?

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A1:  Get his dd214 and check the ship's history to prove that his ship was in brown water. You should definitely contact a service representative to help you with your case. you may also be entitled to accrued benefits.  (RT)  2/1/19

A2:  Take your husbands Death Certificate, DD-214, Your marriage license and go to your nearest VSO with the DAV, Am Legion, VFW or other Service Organization and file. Also take your medical expenses and letters from the VA.  (GH)  2/1/19

A3:  I have read some of the case law. At that time for those with boots on the ground the significant other/family did receive compensation even though the veteran had passed away.

However, with cases, such as yours I have not read the applicable case law. With the complexities of your case I would reach out to your veteran contact person. I would also pass this by an attorney, just in case. Your significant other deserves justice.  My best.  (SJ)  2/1/19

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