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The VA does take care of providing exams and glasses to me and I am thankful for that. However, I filed for eyes disability many years after being in Korea, I had to obtain eye glasses after being in combat.  2 months I had good marks on the firing range before shipping over.  I filed some years ago and was denied, the VA said it was a normal for me to have some eye deterioration due to my age (I was 19 yrs at the time and now 87).   Would it be worthwhile for me to appeal the decision or even do so at this time? Any suggestions are welcome.

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A1:  What new and material evidence do you have to support your claim? How did you injure your eyes? Look at the denial letter from the VA and take into consideration what is stated. See a accredited VSO from Am Legion, VFW, DAV, PH or other Service Organizations and they can assist you if an appeal or reopen is merited.  (GH)  2/3/19

A2:  Look up the meaning of presbyopia and you have your asnwer why not.  (WD)  2/3/19

A3:  Unless you have evidence of eye injury in Korea I would guess that you would lose an appeal.  (RC)  2/3/19

A4:   If you strongly believe your eyesight had started to demininish as a result of serving in Korea and that your physical taken as a condition of your induction to the military met with there requirement then you should proceed with your claim but first confer with your local VA representative for assistance. I have found the VA today as being very  forthcoming with the review process in part of a decision being made. Thank you for your Service comrade.  (DR)  2/3/19

A5:  It could be, however you may have to prove a clear & unmistakeable error (CUE). The argument would be you were "fit for service" when they accepted you and subsequently your eyesight deteriorated, while on active duty. Under the combat issue status they must accept your statement as truth.  (RH)  2/3/19

A6:  It sound like a stretch due to age when it comes to eyes. Unless it was duty related that?s a very hard one to seek disability for. I say this, continue to appeal until that course of action is no longer available.   Best of luck   (CS)  2/3/19

A7:  In my opinion you probably stand a very good of winning your claim but you have to find out what your time line is seek a very good VSO tell him or her your story and say that you want your claim heard by the board of veterans affairs they are fellow vets Do it now.  (RM)  2/3/19

A8:  You would have to reapply for disability making reference to thye previous denial, and appeal the decision, YES, appeal.  (RR)  2/3/19

A9:  Put it to bed David won't beat Goliath on this one. You are open to a heartache I have been fighting for agent orange and thyroid cancer and I will die with out a touchdown on this one. But thank you for your service.  (JS)  2/3/19

A10:  Comrade, I am a combat wounded VN vet, drafted. I had perfect eyesight, as I got older, I needed glasses, as most of us 70's up does. If you never had problems in service, I doubt if your claim could be service connected. Get a claims rep and please do not stress yourself with this. God bless Comrade.  (PB)  2/3/19

A11:  Filing an appeal would not go back that far and due to your age they could say it is the normal for your age. They would not go back that far on any appeal. Your best bet would be an attorney and going to court. Make sure you have all the evidence against the VA for one slip and they would win. They would lie even if you had proof of other military personnel you worked with and get statements in support of claim make sure you get proof from them each of them to show they served in the same work locations and time frame. They lied to the courts in a shipmates lawsuit that two of us did not serve on the same two ships he served on and we would have had the evidence to prove we did. So you have to make sure your attorney does his job and connects all the pieces or the VA will win again. You would never be able to win in an appeal. At your age they would drag it out long enough that you would die first. I have not claimed some of the conditions I have or appealed since I get paid at 100 percent. But I can imagine that the VA will take 10 percent away for the individual unemployability then I will have to sue them instead. So best of luck to you and go after them.  (JRM)  2/4/19

A12:  Not sure if wear and tear would be appropriate but the fact that service connection is a factor, I would submit it anyway.  (RF)  2/4/19

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