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I was in the Navy Sea Bees From 1966 to 1969.  I was in Vietnam for a total of 21 Months.  9 Months in Dong Ha and 12 Months in Danang during the Tet offensive.  I am under doctors care for high blood pressure, enlarge prostate and anxiety.  I also have trouble falling asleep dreaming of the war.  I filed for TDSP back in 2009 and was turned down because of losing my job in 2008.  Is there any way I can refile for VA benefits and how to go about it?

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A1:  Go find an accredited VSO from the Am Legion, VFW, DAV, PH or Service Organization and let them evaluate your claim that was denied. I do not know what losing your job has to do with PTSD in war time. Being in Viet Nam is a presumptive for agent orange and the illnesses associated with exposure.  (GH)  2/3/19

A2:  Yes, contact a VSO from DAV, VFW, American Legion, Organizations, they will help walk you thru the necessary steps and forms etc., that you need in order to file for Reconsideration of your previous claim. Good Luck.  (SS)  2/3/19

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