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I'm service connected at 90%. I am paid at 100% for unemployability.  I'm 71 years old and considered permanently disabled by the VA. If they cut compensation benefits in 2020 as planned, will I be cut off? 

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A1:  From what I read this would apply on to Veterans who receive the award after the date the law changes. Although you never know with the VA. I hope they consider that a Veteran who gets P&T unemployable at an early age will not be paying into social security during their normal highest earning years thus reducing greatly their SS benefit at retirement age. This would be a very traumatic scituiton for anyone.  (DR)  12/31/18

A2:  That has floated around for a number of years. Congress would have to act on that and I don't think they would do that. More likely than not, the veterans receiving 100% would be "Grandfathered In". At that age, I would NOT worry too much about it. Good Luck, My Brother! (RA)  12/31/18

A3:  Speak with a VSO of DAV., VFW., American Legion., AmerVets., Good luck!  (SS)  12/31/18

A4:  Good question, I'm waiting to see if this really happens.  I don't think the vets in the system will be affected, however, we will have to wait and see. It hasn't been decided as of now.  (MH)  5/1/19

A5:   If you are referring to VA Compensation awarded to Veterans for their Service Connected Disabilities, each year the rate paid remains the same or goes up according to the COLA. I assume you are not gainfully employed, so the only reason I can identify is if the VA asks you to complete their form to continue your Individual Unemployability and you do not complete it and send it back to them, they will discontinue your IU award. Ultimately, the VA can call the shots but the VA is limited by law. If they contact you with anything you need clarification on or you want to know the latest laws affecting your VA award, contact your County Veteran Service Officer who will assist you cost free.  (KF)  5/2/19

A6:  None of theses organizations (DAV., VFW., American Legion., AmerVets.) have acknowledged the CBO 2019-2016 proposal that has started March 1 when letters were sent out to those who are receiving IU. This VA cuts are targeting all 100% as well as P&T receiving IU and those rated 30% and less. There will be a new C&P's to verify your disabilities are still active or are being handled by medications. This C&P is to find as many disabilities that no longer exist which will reduce your rating compensation and eliminate the IU due to rating falling below the percentage needed to receive IU. Anyone who is rated 30% or less will no longer be getting any compensation, this effort also places those rated in the VAMC Groups changed to other groups where co-pay are activated and travel pay eliminated. All these and many other VA recommend cuts can be found in the CBO 2019-2016 proposal under the VA proposal to cut the budget. It still needs to be approved but most comments about it is that most of it will be, I believe nothing happens until it happens never-the-less keep your eyes open and monitor this CBO 2019-2026 proposal events.  (AM)  7/23/19

A7:  I'm a little worried about my disability for 2020. I'm 100 percent.  (WR)  9/2/19

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