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I handled Agent Orange in Cuba. It was sent down from Canada on the USS Enterprise. Then loaded on pallets and put into a jeep.  Then sent to the USS English in the Reefer's deck. We loaded it on speed boats that went into the Atlantic supposedly to the Essex. I have Diabetes II and no one in my family has Diabetes II.  Can I fill out a claim for my diabetes?

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A1:  If you can prove these events you have a case. See a accredited VSO rom the DAV, VFW, American Legion or other Service Organizations regarding a claim. Bring your DD-214, google up the Enterprise, English and Essex and see if the logs back up your claim. It may state that they delivered Agent Orange.  (GH)  2/3/19

A2:   From my understanding you can fill out a claim - but you don't want to go down a path that is non productive. It would seem more productive if you would conduct initial research to explore your options.

1. Do you have supporting documentation, military records, medical records, on line information, etc,.

2. Have you consulted with your county VA representative? State VA representative?

3. Also, if you see a VA physician there is usually a representative from various organizations, such as American Legion. This might be an avenue for you.

Hope this helps. (SJ)  2/3/19

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