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I retired from the Marine Corps in 1990 after 30 years on active duty and at my discharge I received 40% disability rating due to injuries sustained in Vietnam.  A lot of injuries have worsened over time and I want to know if I can reapply to the VA for increases for the disabilities?  What do I need to do to make this happen? 

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A1:  First, I would suggest that you contact your local VA and ask for a re-examination. If that is not successful than I would suggest that you contact your local congressman.  (JH)  2/10/19

A2:  I am a veteran and a Senior veteran service Representative with the VA. My advice is go talk to your veterans service organization office to review your options to apply for an increase in your VA disability rating. If you do not have a VSO go see the DAV or VFW Office closest to your home get an appointment and bring your last VA rating decision with you. Good luck.   (KG)  2/10/19

A3:  Yes. Go to your local Veterans Affairs Office and they will help you complete the forms and submit them.  (JK)  2/10/19

A4:  Yes. You can always go back and be reevaluated. Especially since it's been since 1990, I would highly recommend it. I would also highly recommend using a service officer.  (KD)  2/10/19

A5:  Go to the VA and Apply for an increase and complain, complain, complain about your injuries specially on the one that has the highest rating Pain always 10 or above.  (JA)  2/10/19

A6:  Fill out a form 21-526EZ. Submit that to your VSO. then wait for your new EVAL appointment for whatever you are reclaiming.   (DS)  2/10/19

A7:  Find a reputable VSO, Service Officer, your County Veterans Commission will have a VSO who is well trained and knowledgable on this, it's simply submit a new claim, VA will contact you for examine appt., order any medical tests if needed, and it will process from there, this not uncommon, most conditions will worsen over time, since VN, that's a long time, much could have gone wrong, contact your County VSO ASAP, hopefully you have been seen by VA for care, so your records are available and somewhat current.  (JV)  2/10/19

A8:  Yes! you can file an appeal, but first file an intent to file on line at ebenefits.gov then if you file an appeal you'll get the money from the intent to file date. Intents lock in the appeal results, so if you file an intent today but you get your disability increase in 12 months from now you'll get the retroactive difference from now times 12 months. Appeals take longer to get your increase, you can also file a disagreement then you will get your results quicker than an appeal. See your VSO (Veterans Service Officer) at your main VA Hospital site for help.  (AF)  2/10/19

A9:  Download VA Form 21-526b and Che the block for an increase.  (OK)  2/10/19

A10:  It's on record you had these injuries,therefore,as we get older they can cause more problems.File a claim with your vso in your town.  (MH)  2/10/19

A11:  Do not go to the VA. Go to a VSO at the VFW, Am Legion, DAV or other Service Organization. If conditions have worsened you can file for an increase. If other problems have occurred the VSO can help you.  (GH)  2/10/19

A12:  Yes you can! Go to DAV.Org. then select Help with a claim, then put in your zip code, then reach out to your Disabled American Veterans Nation Service Officer who will help you by acting as your representative to the VA.  (MJ)  2/10/19

A13:  Yes, you can apply for an increase. You will need medical evidence that your condition has worsened. Let me know if you have any other questions.  (TH)  2/11/19

A14:   Yes, keep at it. Don't give up.  It took us years it we finally got 100%.  And my husband is in A VA home, he was Vietnam and agent Orange.  Get a good VA rep.  Or consultant to fight for u!  I pray u get there and pray you are not as disabled as who I see every day including my hubby,  God bless and my prayers for u!  (CO)  2/13/19

A15:  Hay Marine,  Yes you can re-apply on an injury that gets worse..  Get a "SO," Service Officer who will handle your case and take the load off your back.  An SO, if you don't know, is free and is advocate who handles all the case and handles your appointments for the VA to take an in-depth look at your injuries.  If you need to, call the VFW HQ in Kansas City or just call a VFW post in your area and they can help you get that Service Officer. They are paid by the State.   I'm about ready to Re-apply on an injury I received in Vietnam and it is getting worse.. They never get better.....Good Luck:>  (CS)  2/15/19

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