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I was wondering if you had to have been in theater for Desert Storm/Desert Shield or Operation Iraqi freedom to be able to claim any of the presumptive disabilities? If you could get back to me I'd appreciate it thank you. 

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A1:  Go see a VSO at the DAV, VFW, Am Legion or other Service Organization. Take a copy of your DD-214 and he can advise you.  (GH)  2/10/19

A2:  This is a claim for an increased evaluation of a disability that VA has already determined to be service-connected.

Evidence Required: Current medical evidence that shows your disability has gotten worse.

Secondary Disability Claim
This is a claim for a disability that developed as a result of or was worsened by a disability which VA has already determined to be service-connected.

Evidence Required: Medical evidence that shows you have a disability that was caused or aggravated by an already established service-connected disability.

There are other special issues where additional forms and evidence may be needed:
Individual Unemployability as determined by VA: In addition to the evidence above, you must also submit:

A completed VA Form 21-8940, "Veteran's Application for Increased Compensation Based on Unemployability" (download form),  (DY)  2/13/19

A3:  Yes. It is applied just like Vietnam.  (AP)  2/15/19

A4:  If you weren't ever there you may not claim, like world war 2 wasn't there so I don't claim wasn't alive doesn't matter wasn't there during operation.  (DF)  2/18/19

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