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Look!  I’m a Marine and I hear things.  I've heard several veterans around the VA talk about possibly getting disability compensation for cataracts and having them removed by the VA.  The catch is you have to have been exposed to Agent Orange.  Is this fact or fiction?

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A1:  Not true. I am an AF vet, am covered by the VA medical, never exposed to agent orange and had cataracts removed from both eyes last year at the VA hospital.  (SG)  2/10/19

A2:  My apologies for my last response to your question. I reread your question and I missed the part where you mentioned that you have no disability. I do have one which is why I am covered by the VA hospital. I don't know if a vet has to be disabled to use the VA medical system. Again I'm sorry if I got your hopes us or confused. That question would be better answered by calling the VA services. Thanks for your service and best of luck.  (SG)  2/10/19

A3:  Does NOT matter what branch you were in. No branch is BETTER than any of the other branches. Let's make that clear right now. Your question about needing to be exposed to Agent Orange in order to have cataracts removed is FICTION! See your Primary doctor. Tell him or her your problem, they will refer you to an eye doctor, the eye doctor will examine you and decide if you have cataracts. If they decide that they have to come out they will schedule you for an eye operation. You will NOT be compensated for this procedure. The ONLY way you will be compensated for your eyes is if there was a Disease or an Injury that occurred during your time in service. BUT you must have medical documentation from then. This is called NEXUS if you are still seeing an eye doctor for the same problem that occurred while in the service. THAT would be your disability claim on your eyes, but NOT for Cataracts.  Good Luck, My Brother!   Be Patient but Persistent.  (RA)  2/10/19

A4:  Go see a VSO at the VFW, DAV, Am Legion or other Service Organizations with a copy of your DD-214. Have him fill out a VA Form 10-10 for health care. He can also advise you about compensation.  (GH)  2/10/19

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