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How does VA math work?  I'm 40% service-connected and I just got awarded 10% on another disability, and my pension and compensation is still at 40%.  Why am I not at 50%?

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A1:  Everyone starts out 100% healthy. Lets say you are 30% for your knee. Now you are 70% healthy. Now you have 10% for your shoulder. It is 10% of 70% which actually counts as 7%. So now you are 37% service connected, rounded up to the next 10% which is 40% service connected. Basically, the percentage counts towards your percentage of health.  (JG)  2/13/19

A2:  https://www.hillandponton.com/va-math-calculate-combined-disability-rating/ Try this Link.  (MC)  2/13/19

A3:  Because VA hired QTC to oversee the ratings system. They are given 12 BILLION dollars a year to deny and cut back all of our ratings. Go figure!  (TT)  2/13/19

A4:  If you are at 40% and get a 10% new rating... that is 10% of the 60% that would make 100%. So 10% of 60 is less then 1.00 so nothing is added. You would need new rating of 20% (.20 x60 equals 120 ) that is over 1whole point .... so then you would get a 10% increase for a 20% rate, nothing for 10%.  (BS)  2/13/19

A5:  If VA rates you 40% on one item and 10% on a second item and they are compensating you at 40%, I would contact to correct their error (by their table 40% and 10% is 46% which rounds up to 50%). Also request your back payment to cover the time their error was in effect.  (JB)  2/13/19

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