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I was injured while serving in the military and was discharged from the military with a hardship discharge under honorable conditions. I was discharged without instructions for follow up medical care after leaving the military. Through talking to some veteran friends of mine I learned about the VA Medical care.  I was discharged in 1991 and began receiving VA Medical care 1994.  I filed my disability claim in 1998 and was awarded Compensation due to unemployability.  I don't understand why I was not able to receive back pay from my discharge date (1991) until 1998 since my condition was determined to be service-related at that time?

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A1:  Your claim is processed from date of filing not when the disability started. If while you were still on active duty and was being discharged and filed your claim while still on active duty then it would have been effective the day after your discharge off AD. It all comes down to when you filed you claim.  (DP)  2/13/19

A2:  The 38 CFR states that a claim is processed from the date of injury or the date of claim, whichever is LATER.  (AP)  2/15/19

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