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How does the VA grant program work? My wife totaled out our main vehicle and insurance paid off the loan but now we need to shop for another vehicle after we raise enough money.  I need help in getting a grant from the VA.

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A1:  We feel your pain, seriously. I personally never heard of individuals receiving grants from the VA.

In your question, I noticed 2 words, Main Vehicle. Those words could be a red flag to the VA. That tells them that you may have at a minimum one additional vehicle possible more. Of course that doesn't mean they are road worthy. I do know that there are Gracious folks out in this cruel world donate vehicles to churches who in true pass them on to those who are in needs.

I hope you are able to come up with a solution I'm sure you will Brother / Sister. Same situation occurred with our daughter and her husband. I hope someone out there in Veterans Land has the answer to your needs  (MB)  1/1/19

A2:  Contact a DAV service officer and determine what type of grant you can get.  (TB)  1/1/19

A3:  I truly believe that "All" federal Grants, including VA, are crap and Not Really There.
Veterans Don't get Federal or VA Grants. Inner Cities get Grants because they are given "Special Status." Protected Classes get it and you don't.
"""FREE STUFF!"""  (CS)  1/1/19

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