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If I submit new disability documentation that's not a part of the appeals I filed years ago, will the new documents cause my appeals to be further backlogged or pushed back?

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A1:  It is my understanding that each claim is reviewed and considered on it's own merits. Past claims being disregarded if not approved, the only consideration given is to existing rating and how they might already be included in the new claim. Never be afraid to file NEW evidence even on an existing rating.  (GC)  2/15/19

A2:  Bet on it ! You will get pushed back !!! When that happened to me I opted to sign in for RAMP after waiting since 2010 on an appeal I'm still waiting!  (AV)  2/15/19

A3:  No, it will not backlog your claim.  (LG)  2/15/19

A4:   From my understanding, if it has NOTHING whatsoever to do with what you appealed (such as different body part or anything like that), including nothing secondary to what you appealed, then it won't affect it. It only affects it if it has anything to do with what is in the appeal.

BUT, do not quote me on that. The best way to get the answer to your question is to talk to your VSO. If you don?t have one, then talk to any VSO (Veteran Service Officer) at your local DAV, your local Veteran Service Rep (you should be able to contact the city clerk and ask to speak to the local Veteran Service Representative), or the VSO at your local VA clinic.  (SM)  2/15/19

A5:   Buddy, not sure if this will be posted or not. Your question is spot on and I have the correct response , but I just can't post it in here. When vets file for disability the bottom line is that they must NOT do it by themselves. The chances of getting reject are very high. There is a system that must be followed, and it's like using the back door. I hate teasing you like this but it's so true and I can prove it in the regulations. But the great point here is I I know the system. Not sure if my alternate email address I had to input here so I could put out info email me and we can chat good luck You are so protected by their own rules, regulations but the average Joe Vet has absolutely no idea, it's like you go to the Apple App Store. You download and app that you think you may like. You feel pretty safe placing on your iPhone, heck it's coming from the Apple Stor, what can go wrong? I will tell you EVERYTHING! Who puts a new free App on their phone and read the Privacy legal mumbo jumbo, what maybe 3%. Next time you download an app from the Apple store and rest the apps privacy rules better yet!!!! Read the Privacy rules right there in the Apple store and the apps rules. You will be blown away by what information you are freely giving away believe me. I am a retired Vet with a Masters in Computer Information Systems I know what I'm talking about.  Excuse and typos it's late and I am tired.  What info I will tell you will blow your mind, so all hope is not lost.  (CB)  2/16/19

A6:  That depends on where in the process your appeal has gotten.  (AP)  2/16/19 

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