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My husband was exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam.  He later retired with diabetes. Later he had limbs amputated and then kidney failure, and then death. Does he qualify for benefits due to being exposed to Agent Orange? 

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A1:  Diabetes II is on the presumptive list for Agent Orange. You should see your local VA Representative to see what he/she needs to help you to submit the claim. You may also want to ask if the kidney failure can be claimed as a disability secondary to his diabetes.   (RC)  2/15/19

A2:  Unfortunately, your husband's right to file a claim died with him.  (AP)  2/16/19

A3:  Since he passed he is no longer elegible. That being said you may qualify for DIC as his surviving spouse. I would advise you to see a VSO at the DAV or some other veterans service organization and they can explain everything to you. Good Luck.  (TC)  2/16/19

A4:  I believe it depends on if he had a claim in before he passed. And also the amount of time it's been since he passed. I would speak to a VSO ( Veterans Service Officer) such at DAV or VFW to see if you have a case to file for benefits or if there are any benefits you qualify for.  (MT)  2/16/19

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