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I’m 80% but receive 100% unemployability compensation since 2012.   If I should pass away will my wife be able to keep her champ VA health benefits?  And will she receive any monthly monies from VA? 

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A1:  After 10 years of being 100% if you die your wife would be all set.  If you die before being 100% for ten years she would only keep it if you died due to a rated service connected disability.  (DR)  2/15/19

A2:   Unfortunately, that's negative on both counts. Since you are not officially 100%, your wife will not keep CHAMPVA benefits. Unless you pass from your service-connected connection, she will not receive payments after your death.  (AP)  2/16/19

A3:  To answer the first question, yes she will keep CHAMPVA. To answer your second question, she does not receive any of your VA money but may be eligable for DIC. Please see your VSO at the DAV or other service organization.  (TC)  2/16/19

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