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I was a civilian contractor working for the Boeing Company in Vietnam stationed with the 1st Air Cavalry on their base in An Khe, Vietnam at Camp Radcliff and I developed prostate cancer. Your data list shows that 95,690 gallons of Agents Orange, Blue and White were sprayed there. Where do I go for compensation?   Even a deceased military friend of mine who was stationed exactly where I was (with "C" Co. of the 228th Avn Bn) died within the last 10 years of Agent Orange after being discharged from the Army upon diagnosis. I lived, slept, ate and showered with the GI's and was almost killed in a mortar attack. How is it ethical that you are compensated ONLY if you were a soldier? The government started spraying that area the month after the 1st Air Cavalry arrived there in September of 1965.  

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A1:  I served w/the 1st Cav 9/65-9/67, in the AnKhe area. I would think you would be able to go after Boeing (workers comp) & Monsanto but it would probably so costly, if you could find a legal, firm to handle the case. I'm sure they're out there, so don't give up.  (RH)  2/18/19

A2:  You need to contact the Office of labor Management. There are special rules for civilian working in combat zone.  (AD)  2/18/19

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