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I served in the Army to find out later that I was flatfeeted, which cause me to have others complications. Can I file a claim for flatfeet?

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A1:  When I got my draft notice in April of '68 I had a signed paper from my doctor stating that I had fallen arches and was flat footed. When I got to the examination the doctor there told me it didn't mean a thing and get into line. After about 3 to 4 weeks of basic training my feet were so big and swollen I could hardly walk. I couldn't even keep in step while marching. I'd go to walk down a few steps and the pain would shoot up into my butt. It took months for my swollen feet to get back to normal size. I too have had problems ever since. You can privately email if you would like. I know exactly how you feel.  (TK)  2/18/19

A2:  Because of all running in combat boot in the airborne,i got flat feet and now i have a severe bone spurs,,i can hardly walk.  (SA)  2/18/19

A3:  Yes u can , first make sure u have copy of ur military medical records then make sure ur induction physical record shows normal in that block . Then check ur out processing medical records to see if that block shows pes planus ( or flat feet ) . This will show u didn't have this issue when u entered military service , but contracted it while in service .Then visit a Veteran Service Officer or VSO to file a claim for that service connected disability unless u have other proof of injuries in ur military records to show a link for other service connected issues , then u should discuss ur options with a qualified VSO , there county VSO's & Federal VSO's to my knowledge . County courthouse is where my county VSO is located & my American Legion headquarters is where my Federal VSO is located , there r some VSO's located inside some VA facilities also .  (DM)  2/18/19

A4:   I had flat feet and a medical history BEFORE I was drafted. They sent me to Vietnam in an area with Red Clay.  I finally went to the "sick Call" and they sent me to the Hospital in Quin Non where they gave me a 30% disability.  Proving your disability after the service would be very difficult because age is a factor that might mitigate your claim.  My Diagnoses was "Bi-lateral pronated "Flat Feet" that were aggravated by military service.  Good Luck!   (DH)  2/18/19

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