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How do I go about finding and getting a copy of a DD Form 214 on my father who has passed away? 

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A1:  Go to the website e-vetrecs. It's a veterans military record siite and fill out all the information. I was able to get my dad's from World War II. It takes about 8-10 weeks or so to get them.   (MAC)  2/19/19

A2:  He should have had a copy handy. You can google this question. You can check with the VA or your local VFW, DAV, American Legion, or the NARA in St. Louis. NARA has an on line form to fill out and you mail it to them in St. Louis. Most military records are kept there although some were destroyed in a fire some years ago. You can always call your local U.S. Congressional Representative. They work for you so put them to work in helping you. Good luck.  (JD)  2/19/19

A3:  On your computer, log in to VA.Gov and type in Form: SF-180. There will be a section in it for next of kin to fill if the veteran has passed away. Since your father has passed away you will sign for him on this section. You can do it right there in the computer too. In whatever branch of service your father served in, send it to that particular branch so they can process the application and get you the DD-214.  Good Luck and Thank You for your Dad's military service.  (RA)  2/19/19

A4:  There are two ways to get another copy of a DD214. Go to the national archives at https://www.archives.gov/, or seek the services of a veteran service officer (VSO) in your area. If you use the website, click on the section for requesting military records and follow the instructions.  (AB)  2/19/19

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