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Recently I was awarded the disability of sleep apnea. But instead of increasing my rating (currently at 80%) they combined it with my existing 60% for asthma. How is that right?  They did the same thing with my "mood disorder."  Rated me at 30% but did not increase my percentage just combined it with my rating for knee pain. Please advise.

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A1:  Go to:

https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/CFR-2004-title38-vol1/xml/CFR-2004-title38-vol1-sec4-25.xml  (MC)  3/5/19

A2:  This is simple way it's more complex than this!

8% left

They start with highest number subtract from 100%.  What's left they take times remainder that's added to total!   I am 240% to get 100%
Govermant math is different than any other I know of!  (RD)  3/5/19

A3:  My overly simplified understanding using my own case as an example:

I have 2 disability ratings; one for 70% and one for 10%. Common sense would make you think this constitutes an 80% disability. But NO.
VA Starts with awarding the greatest Disability, 70% and then factors lesser disabilities as percentages of the remainder of the possible 100% So: 70% = 70 of a potential 100. 10% second disability = 10% of the remaining 30. 10% of 30 = 3. 70+3 =73. 73 rounder to the nearest ten = 70. If my second disability had been 20% my overall disability would have been 80%. 70 + 6 (20% of the remaining 30) = 76 rounded to the nearest 10 = 80%.  (AR)  3/5/19

A4:  If you can get on ebenefits there is a scale to show how they figure it, it is kind of fuzzy math but its laid out pretty clear how they do it.  (PB)  3/5/19

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