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In June of 1970 I was stationed at Fort Gordon, GA assigned to Company C 3rd Battalion School Brigade. One day our Commanding Officer decided to lead us in Physical Training. He marched us to what looked like a small parade field a couple of blocks away from our barracks. When we got to the field it was being sprayed by two soldiers in a jeep with a sprayer attached to it. I've had prostate cancer, bladder cancer and have been told I'm diabetic. My first claim with the VA was denied and I am currently waiting for an appeal hearing. The field that was sprayed stunk. By the time we were done with PT we were soaked. In addition the skin on my arms are blotchy. I have contacted Ft. Gordon to try to find out what the field was sprayed with no help. Unless I come up with some evidence my appeal will likely be denied. This is the only contact I can confirm with a chemical but there was chemical spraying (AO) before my arrival and the Fort had a MP who was assigned the duties of Game Warden. He admits the instructions that came with Agent Orange were damaged and the mixture he used to begin with was 5 parts diesel fuel to one part Agent Orange. The correct mixture was 50 to one. He used it to keep walkways free of foliage and also decided to use it as an insecticide whenever and wherever there was an insect problem. His VA claim was approved because he could prove direct contact. I'm hoping there is someone out there that can get the field spraying confirmed and what it was sprayed with. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and hopefully having some information to share. 

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A1:  If you Google Herbicide Tests and Storage in the U.S. This is a VA website. It will list all locations Agent Orange was used in the U.S. It lists sites in GA only from 1964 - 1968. A further inquiry might reveal additional uses.  (MB)  3/11/19

A2:  I hope your going thru a VSO such as VFW, DAV and get them to help. I would write to your congressman and with him helping you should have your answer within a month. The military is very good at hiding information but usually don't as much when a congressman is involved. Most likely it was a herbicide which is basically as you state Agent Orange, Agent Purple same thing. Try to contact other serviceman you were with at the time and see if they have anything like you do and if so get Statements in Support Of Claim done by each. Make sure they give you proof that they were on that base the same time you were with transfer papers, etc to prove it. That way the VA can not easily deny they were there as well. Back up each others claims and fight them. The person that sprayed Try to get the statement from the MP that sprayed the base with it and have his statement harder for VA to ignore it when it is in black and white. The VA has gotten worse since the government does not want to pay for the damage they did to their own military troops for now they are realizing it is costing into the billions yearly paying out claims they are just waiting hoping we all die then no more claims. Children of veterans affects are passing it on to their children but they want to deny that for it would go on for generations. Make sure you have all files copied and saved on flash drive, boxes or hard copies, external hard drive, etc for you will need them for decades after filing just in case your conditions get worse which they will for mine has and every time the VA says they can not find the information and you take them a copy or disc with all of it on it. Then you will get a reply from the VA we already have this information and your come back is then why in your letter you state you could not find it. They pull this every time with me and be ready ahead of time. Never lose it and when your gone pass it on to your kids so they can fight them if they have any health problems because of your serving. Best of Luck and never give up fighting for you are at war all over again with your own government and will most likely always be that way so prepare wisely. Best Of Luck!!!  (JRM)  3/11/19

A3:  Check out 38 CFR Part 3 "Final Ruling dated September 6, 2013 On Line. Can be copied Pdf. Federal Register Vol. 78 No. 173/ Friday September 6, 2013/Rules and regulations M 54763. VA must recognize or retry denied cases, possible retroactive. I am on National registry National Archives Researcher Florida.  (PT)  3/11/19

A4:  Who was also on that field doing the physical training? Had to be "More" than just you...My point is:>A whitness would help a lot. In fact, all those other guys are probably sick.
Sometimes VA claims want statements from other people....There are GI Veteran Locator sites. Try and locate some of the others..... You can help each other... (CS)  3/12/19

A5:  Listen Brother. The people who will help you the fastest is a VVA Rep. The VA is way to slow for what you have. Get everything from your Doctor, for all of it. Find a VVA Rep and tell him.  (PG)  3/16/19

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