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My Service Dog needs to have cataract surgery for both eyes. I need financial help, will the VA help?

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A1:  Write to your congressman for help to see if it will be covered. They fix my service buddy computer every time it has messed up on him probably from all the porn sites he goes to. You need your service dog and if they won't cover that which would be cheaper than them having to replace your service dog. Word it right and they may be more than happy to do the cataract surgery rather than replace your dog. It is like he or she is your friend and family member. If they won't then you will probably have some hard choices to make. If your service dog goes blind from the cataracts and the surgery would not fix it then may have to put him down. But pressure the VA for you need the service dog then you need it. Not like my service buddy that says his is a service dog and it is an emotional support dog and I guess his wife doesn't count. For sight, seizures, etc that is a huge necessity and a immediate need. So if any of those conditions definitely write to your congressman and should get an answer quicker than waiting for the VA to reply otherwise. I hope they take care of it quickly and will probably do one eye then the other a month later and you will have your work cut out for you putting the drops in the eye every day as prescribed. I hope this information will help you get results. I am not a trained professional advisor so not controlled responses by a VA trained professional. Never had a situation like this but only hope it is correct and helpful.  (JRM)  3/11/19

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