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I am applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits in conjunction with VA disability compensation benefits.  Any of you veterans ever had a hard time getting the VA doctors to fill out the forms needed for SSDI?

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A1:  My VA Service Organization (DAV) setup my request to the SS administration where I was interviewed, approved and set up for SSDI civilian doctor appointments.  (LM)  3/14/19

A2:  I had no problem getting SSDI once the VA rated me at 100% disabled. But I had to get an SS law group to get it. Which I think is a scam in itself. SS denied me before I was rated then I got the law group just before I was rated by the VA. But once I was rated it took about 3 weeks to get the approval from SS.  (BT)  3/14/19

A3:  No problem with my primary care doctor but specialist doctor wouldn't fill them out. Said to get progress notes from release of records section.  (DP)  3/14/19

A4:  I hired a law firm called Victory Disability - they have had no problems putting together a case for me. Hope this helps Oh they got the documents they requested on my behalf from the VA already.  (IG)  3/14/19

A5:  Yes I had a hard time, but I linked mu va medical records to SSDI ao they could actually go in and know all my medical problems.  (WG)  3/14/19

A6:  It's Really A Moot Point. Your Worrying About The Wrong Thing Ok. You Must Realize VA Disability And Social Sercurity Do Not Off Set Each Other. A VA. Dr. Cannot Render A Medical opinion. Unless It A Compensation & Pension Exam They Have Your Medical Records. Now Social Security Can Request Your Medical Records From The VA. To Make A Medical Decision. It. Doesn't Work The Other Way Round. Only A C & P Exam By The VA. Can Really Determine The Degree Of Disability For Service Connection. Even Social Security Will Have Their Own Doctors To Conduct A Exam. That's How The System Works. I Know I Been Their. Got My SSDI Six Or Seven Years Before I Got VA. Disability, The VA. Had All The Records When Through Several C&P They Finally Made The Decision.  (RB)  3/14/19

A7:  First, take copy most recent disability medical record, VA Comp disabilities, and from private pcp medical records. Social Sec will review those medical documents and if ask additional info like other medical diagnosis IF then see second private pcp for another opinion. Other medical doc's include lab, x-ray and even emergency visit.  (FL)  3/15/19

A8:  I applied for SSI disability after Cancer surgery at the VA and got disability within two weeks. Applied for VA disability at the same time and 11 month later got the VA rating of 100%.  (JP)  3/15/19

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