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I don’t understand why I was denied disability benefits since the Comp & Pen doctor opined that my claimed conditions were related to my military service and I have met all 3 elements.  Even though her opinion is in the record, can I add an additional statement arguing that the Comp & Pen doctor provided a solid nexus? Or, should I just wait for the SOC as I know it will be denied again and make an argument to the BVA?  I need your feedback asap.

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A1:   Its pretty much standard practice for them to deny your ssdi claim the first time. They have an appeals procedure you can do on their website. If you get a second denial I would recommend an attorney.  (MV)  3/14/19

A2:  Hire a Disability Attorney right away. You might have to wait long time before you get to see the judge. If you need and attorney let me know. I waited 9 yrs before I seen the judge. I got 70%. Now I am working on 30%. I already did my C&P I am waiting for the result. Good luck.  (MH)  3/14/19

A3:  I was turned down twice for PTSD both C&P dr. were a bit off themselves. I had a law firm as my rep. They took it to BVA and it was approved. Get yourself a good rep.  (TH)  3/14/19

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