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Once VA approves a (CUE) clear unmistakable error, how long does it take to get the back pay from that decision?

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A1:  Not to discourage you, (because that's what VA does), they hope you'll go away. When I was successful & received a Motion for Revision (CUE) from the BVA. IT took about 3 months for the VA, Regional Office to mail me their decision. They agreed with the law judge and revised the claim effective date back to Jan. 1985, BUT, a big BUT, they said at that time it was non-compensable So now another fight ensues. Good Luck.  (JD)  3/14/19

A2:  Does the CUE change a rating? Does it change an award amount? Is the veteran now eligible for CRDP? Is an audit required or requested? Did the CUE come from the local RO or the BVA? I have one CUE that the retro money has been pending for over one year. My suggestion, reach out to your representative or the VA monthly for a status, even if you get the same canned response!  (LC)  3/14/19

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