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Has anyone been able to get civilian doctors to complete a DBQ?  My doctors refuse to fill them out.  My VA doctor refuses to fill one out for me as well.  I’m frustrated and angry.  What’s the use in having a DBQ if no one will fill it out?

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A1:  See a DAV service officer and they will help you get them filled out. They might know a doctor that would help. Also a DAV Regional or Nation Service Officer can help.  (JE)  3/24/19

A2:  My primary care doctor filled mine out but the VA did not honor it.  (RA)  3/24/19

A3:  Just keep looking you'll find one. I was scheduled for back surgery, the Dr. Said he would fill it out or have his PA do it and he would sign it. Two days later I got it in the mail with a note saying they didn't fill those out. A week before my surgery, I made them give me a referral to another doctor who said he would definitely fill it out and sign it. Just have to NOT give up, there are doctors who will do it.  (TT)  3/25/19

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