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I’m a disabled veteran rated at 80%.  Next month I’m traveling across the country and in doing so I’d like to lodge at military installations along the way.  Can I get on base to stay at military lodging facilities during my travels?

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A1:  FYI, my experience with this was and is, 'No Problem'. I am not disabled and on one occasion called Base Housing, Navy Lodge in Alameda CA (Base now closed) and made reservations in advance, and was told all I needed was my I.D. Card. Had an enjoyable stay. : ) The Navy Lodge set up an entry pass for me at the gate beforehand.  (CC)  3/24/19

A2:  You can only get on base if:
1. You are a retired military veteran with an active Retired Military ID card, or
2. You have a 100% disabled rating (I am unsure if it?s has to be 100% P&T or just rated 100%), or
3. You are 100% IU (again, I?m unsure if it?s 100% IU P&T, or if it?s just 100% IU)

With numbers 2 & 3, you have to print out the commissary letter and take it to a military base and get an ID made.  (SM)  3/24/19

A3:  I'm also a veteran, and my wife and I stay at military TLF's almost every time we travel to see family. We did this even before I got my disability certification so you should have no problem as long as you have a military ID.  (DD)  3/24/19

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