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I am receiving 10% compensation for hearing and ringing in my ears.  The ringing in my ears over the past year has become especially bad, the right side has become very severe, it keeps me up most nights, becoming sleep deprived along with some dizziness. What are my options? 

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A1:  Thanks for the question.What tyou need to do is apply for an increase.Contact the DAV and let the handle this.Mean while keep goin tro the VA and requesta reevaluation. They send you to comp. and pen. to see a doctor for this. GOOD LUCK!!  (PD)  1/1/19

A2:   I Recently helped a vet get 10% for tinnitus. The ringing and popping were so bad we filed for depression/anxiety. We won 70% for that.  (PV)  1/1/19

A3:  File for an increase in disability. Talk with a DAV service officer and he will guide you through the process.  (TB)  1/1/19

A4:  I have the same issuse I got hearing aids from the va about 6 years ago and it does help with the ringing during the day but I need noise to go to sleep like a fan or a radio.  (JP)  1/2/19

A5:  Tinnitus is capped at 10% regardless of the severity, however you can initiate a claim for secondary conditions that are caused by it. I would start with applying for sleep disorder secondary to Tinnitus and you may want to be evaluated to see if you may have vertigo or other condition since your are having dizzy spells.  (JH)  6/28/19

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