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During my years in service I sustained several traumatic brain injuries.  All of the TBI injuries are annotated in my service medical records.  And, all of the TBI injuries resulted in hospital stay overs.  I put in a claim for TBI and was denied, why?  I have all of the symptoms of TBI and I’m sure I have CTE.  Why is the VA denying me compensation for TBI?

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A1:  I am not trying to be a smarta--, but the VA is doing what they do best denying your claim to see if you will quietly go away.I had everything in my records to indicate that I have a heart problem, but the VA gave me 10% for Asthma that I had when I was a kid. I contacted my State Representative and had him file my claim. Of course I took my records and highlighted everything for him to present on my behalf. I have been through two open heart surgeries, but have 100% Disability. Do not let them make you quit. Resubmit everything until you get what you deserve.  (WG)  3/24/19

A2:  Not Unusual for the VA to screw with you and unfortunately typical. The DAV has extremely good representation for vets filing for service-connected disability. Also might want to contact President Trump's hotline to the White House four complaints against the VA. For me personally it really pisses me off to have some non-medical VA bureaucrat making these veteran hating decisions.  You need to fight back.  (BO)  3/24/19

A3:  Have your doc to fill out dbq and medical opinions in support of your claim and that will help you on your claims also get a vso and a Atty to assist u as well!  (BP)  3/24/19

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