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I had a C & P exam December 12, 2017.  I’m still waiting for a decision to be made.  How long after your C&P exam does it take the VA to make it's decision for a disability compensation claim?

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A1:   I had a c&p exam Sept 18 and received a denial for increase in Oct 18 , my first took 2 yrs, 2nd increase took a year and this attempt at increase started Jun 2012 it is hard to say how long it will take have tour VSO pressure them.  (WP)  4/11/19

A2:   I would suggest you contact 1-800-827-1000.  If that was a new/original claim my guess would be it is completed and the decision got lost in the mail. If it is for an appeal you still might want to check with the hotline for a status update.  (LC)  4/11/19

A3:   I appealed my C and P decision/rating in Dec 2012. In Feb 2019, I was approved for a 20% increase.  (KP)  4/11/19

A4:  You have to be in for the long haul. The VA is in no hurry to make a decision. It took me over 10 years to get 100%. If you are a Viet Nam vet it will take awhile. Just stick it and do not give up. The VA are a bunch of d*****.  (JL)  4/11/19

A5:  It took about 2 and 1/2 years to deny my initial compensation claim submitted in 2010. I appealed and was awarded compensation in 2015.So, that took about 5 years. However, my request for an increase was accepted in less than two months last year.   (AO)  4/11/19

A6:  Most of mine even reopened claims took 2 1/2 years. You can write to your congressman with questions of when they plan on getting to yours and he or she may hurry the VA more. Since the PR is they are speeding up claims processing which as far as I see is even worse than before. Takes 3 months to get doctors appointments in most cases. Best of Luck and hope you saved out a couple of your conditions for reopening at a later date for you may not get the rating you want or deserve has been my case and others I have talked to.  (JRM)  4/11/19

A7:  Dam, as long as they want because some un educated peraon who just got the job from a relative dosen,t know squat about the injuries or your claim.  (TF)  4/11/19

A8:  After many years of not putting in claim, a friend finally convinced me to do so,In October of 2010. I made appointments with the VA dr. After a period of 6 months. I was granted 50% for PTSD. Appeals went on for another 10 years, I finally got up to 100%.The important thing is to never give up to get benefits from the United states government owes us for the after effects of war.  (FW)  4/11/19

A9:  That is a long time to wait for a VA decision. You may want to see your local VSO and tell him/her and see if you can get assistance.  (RC)  4/11/19

A10:  Took me about a year after the first C&P. Should be much faster with everything being automated now.  (JH)  4/11/19

A11:  I am 90% vet it took me eight years and a hearing with the VA to get that. Do not think its over. The VA look for things to try to take money away from you. Get your self an avocate.  (GD)  4/11/19

A12:  I have waited several YEARS! for repayment of money I spent for Medicines. I hope you get yours in a shorter time. Very frustrating! I don't even know for sure who to appeal to. One VA lady visiting here gave me a Central (I guess) VA Address in Denver. I'm going to try that next.  (RV)  4/12/19

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