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I am 70% service-connected Navy Veteran.  I was told my wife might be eligible for something called Tri Care health coverage through the VA.  She is not a veteran.  Is she covered?

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A1:   If you are 70% and considered unemployable, your wife can apply for CHAMPVA health care. I am 80% and considered unemployable and applied for CHAMPVA for her which she was awarded.  (BT)  4/11/19

A2:  If you are retired from the military, your dependent wife is eligible for TRICARE and so are you. If you are not retired from the military, go to your local VA and sign her up for CHAMPUS.  (RC)  4/11/19

A3:  Go with champva, she will be able to use any service that accepts medicare.  (MA)  4/11/19

A4:  No, you wife is not covered by TriCare unless you are retired military. The only coverage available for spouse is if the Veteran is 100% total and permanent disability.  (GR)  4/11/19

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