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I was recently hospitalized due to an emergency. The VA told the ambulance to take me to the nearest hospital. Between Medicare and the VA all bills except for $950 was paid. Is it true if I didn't have Medicare the VA would pay the rest of the bill? 

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A1:  According to SS and medicare, the VA is considered your primary insurance. I have been through this many times. If the VA sends you then the VA is responsible for the bill. It just takes forever. Call the service provider and tell them to bill the VA and then call Fee Basis/community care with the date of service, invoice number and amount owed. The VA should pay 100% of bill.   (BT)  4/11/19

A2:  4 years ago I was taken to a hospital unconscious from a heart attack. The hospital took my medicare card from my wallet and some of the charges were sent to medicare while the VA paid over 90% of the hospital charges. Since I was 40% service connected disabled at the time the VA would have had to pay the whole bill. It took me 9 months to get the VA to pay the co-pay from medicare. I was told by my VA doctor to not carry my medicare card with me so this would not happen again. So you can get this paid although it will take time. Call the VA and put in a claim for the $950.00.If the VA informed the ambulance to take you to another hospital they are responsible.  (GM)  4/11/19

A3:  Your luckier than I was for I was sent to the hospital by a VA CBOC and told the VA would pay for it. I had outside insurance I had to use for the VA denied it not even covering as secondary. I even wrote to a congressman and still ended up paying the left over bill. I have Medicare and outside insurance and the VA bills them first and then covers the rest if owed any at VA facilities. It doesn't hurt to have a congressman get involved and talk to a Veterans Advocate to see what they find out. I hope you have better luck than I have had on numerous occasions of hospital. Other instance in Florida when at Disney World for had kidney stones and rushed to the nearest hospital and the VA did not cover that as well said did not contact them first so that is how they got out of it. They said I should have been taken to the nearest VA Hospital instead which was well over 100 miles away from where we were. So best of luck and the VA as I see has not gotten any better and I always use my insurance to get a second opinion and in most cases glad I do.  (JRM)  4/11/19  

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