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I served in Vietnam from 1967 – 1968.  I was infantry soldier, and I was exposed to Agent Orange almost every day.  I now have lesions all over my body.  My legs, arms, chest, and neck are covered with these lesions.  It looks like ring worms but it is not.  Doctors at the VA and my civilian doctor don’t know what I have.  The lesions look horrible. So bad that physical therapists and massage specialists won’t touch me because they are afraid they will contract what I have since no one can put a name to this condition.  VA doctors act like I have leprosy, they too are afraid to touch me.  This condition is very embarrassing.  It doesn’t itch or hurt, just looks really awful.  Could the lesions be from exposure to Agent Orange?   

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A1:  Yes (JW) 4/12/19

A2:  You were in ?Nam at the same time as I; when the height of the most intense spraying of Agent Orange took place. The VA considers you exposed to certain presumptive diseases such as soft tissue Sarcomas, Multiple Myeloma, Google VA Agent Orange Associated Diseases & just get checked out as to what it is. I ended up with an aggressive form iof Prostate Cancer. Make them find your problem!  (BB)  4/12/19

A3:  I feel it is more likely then not you have been poisoned by Agent Orange.  That was nasty stuff and so many vets are suffering from exposure. My vet has Leukemia.  Get to Mayo Clinic. You need to be diagnosed asap. How long have you had these symptoms? Is it Lupus? Go right to Mayo Clinic website. Ask for help. My guess is what you have is rare but they will figure it out.  (JM)  4/12/19

A4:  Go to a local VSO for advice asap.  (WP)  4/12/19

A5:  I was with the 4th ID in II Corps 1967/68. I have these lesions on my legs, ugly looking. I separated in 1970, failed my ETS physical because of the lesions that I did not have before Vietnam. So to get out and go home, I signed a waiver on the condition, which I'm now told was illegal, an attempt at CYA by the Army. i have not had good experiences with the VA now I'm 71, and at this point it doesn't seem to be worth my time to chase down medical records etc. etc. to be told again, there's nothing here for me. (BM)  4/13/19

A6:  Hire an attorney. Look on these sites for an ad. I use HILL & PONTON. They are excellent. A lawyer will get YOU TREATED FAIRLY.  (DD)  4/15/19

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