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I'm 70% disable, and filed for IU 3/12/2019, however, when I went to e-benefits checking my file, it said I do not have any open submitted items on record with VA at this time.  The VSO helped me with the paper work etc.  Can anyone tell me what happen?

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A1:  In my experience brother, the only "VSO's" that are any good are with the DAV. They're the ones who know how to get things done. Try that and best of luck to you.  (BO)  4/12/19

A2:  Could possibly mean no open claims or submitted as it is under something else on E-benefits like already processed or something, i had something of that sort 4 years ago, i just forget exactly where else it was, dont worry to much at this point. If nothing in a month then at least you have the VSO to look into it.  (BB)  4/12/19

A3:  First e benefits is not updated very often by the VA. It will take 30-90 days for the VA to send out the letter asking for more info. You can call 18008271000 to make sure they got it.  (GR)  4/12/19

A4:  Go to VA.gov and create an account. You can log on with your DS logon password and even with your my healthy vet account. ebenefits is phasing out little by little. Va.gov has more info. If you don't see the claim, it wasn't filed.  (JD)  4/14/19 

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