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Denied hearing loss, and I have tinnitus I need to apply for. Need help getting Social Security benefits...100% but still just unemployable, but says that I am total and permanent. I am  very confused.  Why was I denied hearing loss?

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A1:  My claim for hearing loss was also disapproved. The audiogram charts look like a jet taking off on afterburners, but they said the AVERAGE loss over all frequency ranges was less than the threshold for service-connection. They DID approve my tinnitus, which is presumptive for those who worked in the engine room, flight deck, around aircraft, or artillery, among others. Apply for the tinnitus. And go see an accredited Veteran Service Officer, who can help deciphet your VA letters.  (DJ)  4/16/19

A2:  You're being denied hearing loss because you were tested in a sound proof padded room wearing a sound muffling headset and were being asked ti repeat words that were fed directly into your ears and eardrums at an extremely close range and were told that you had perfect or good or at least acceptable hearing. As if that was your usual everyday environment. Necer once was PERIFERAL NOISE considered in your evaluation. Not once di they even consider that people talk at different volumes or that they speak to you many times facing in another direction or from another room without screaming at you. How's that for an answer. I have the same problem.  (GC)  4/16/19

A3:  You cant figure it out they also denied me.But 100% is the best you can do anyway.I have 100% so I just shrugged it off.Their thinking is if it ain't in your records it didn't happen.  (FU)  4/17/19

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