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Veterans FAQs

49.  Why am I being denied for a disability that is on the Agent Orange presumptive list?

50.  Can someone tell me about benefits for seniors?

51.  Can I submit a claim for hearing loss?

52.  Is retroactive disability or disability out of the question?

53.  Am I going to get compensated or not?

54.  Is a surviving widow entitled to any kind of compensation?

55.  Do I have to pay for Medicare Plan B?

56.  Is Foot Drop still a qualifying disability for an auto Grant along with an equipment grant?

57.  Will Blue Water Navy veterans be paid from file date?

58.  Would it be worthwhile to appeal a decision made a long time ago?

59.  How can I refile for VA benefits after being turned down?

60.  I was exposed to Agent Orange and now I have diabetes type II.  Can I file a claim for diabetes?

61.  VA killed my husband.  How can I get justice?

62.  I have no proof of my exposure.  Should I stop pursuing benefits?

63.  How would a veteran know if the Government owes them money?

64.  My disabilities have worsened over time.  Can I apply for an increase?

65.  Do you have to have boots on ground in Dersert Shield/Storm to apply for presumptive disabilities?

66.  Will the VA give compensation for cataracts?

67.  I don't understand VA math.  Why am I not at 50%?

68.  Why is VA RAMP not working for me?

69.  Why didn't the VA give back pay from my discharge date?

70. Will submitting new documentation delay my appeal?

71.  My husband died from Agent Orange related disabilities.  Is he eligible for any benefits?

72.  If I die will my wife be able to keep her CHAMP VA health benefits?

73.  Where do I go for compensation?

74.  Can I file a claim for flatfeed?

75.  Am I eligible for compensation from the VA?

76.  Is it true that a surviving spouse can make too much money to collect DIC?

77.  Is there a company that can help a veteran with a low credit score get a loan for a home?

78.  How do I go about finding and getting a copy of a DD Form 214 on my father who has passed away?

79.  I have more disabilities added but VA did not increase my rating.  Why is that?

80.  How do you update TriChoice program?

81.  Will VA provide compensation to a spouse who lives with a service-connected veteran?

82.  I need help proving direct contact with Agent Orange.

83.  Is there going to be a decision made about bladder cancer?

84.  My dog needs surgery.  Will VA help pay for the surgery?

85.  Any of you veterans ever had a hard time getting the VA doctors to fill out the forms needed for SSDI?

86.  Can I add an additional statement arguing that the Comp & Pen doctor provided a solid nexus?

87.  Once VA approves a (CUE) clear unmistakable error, how long does it take to get the back pay from that decision?

88.  Has anyone been able to get civilian doctors to complete a DBQ?

89.  Can I get on base to stay at military lodging facilities during my travels?

90.  Why is the VA denying me compensation for TBI?

91.  How long does it take to get a decision after a C & p exam?

92.  Is my spouse covered under Tricare?

93.  If a veteran does not have Medicare will VA pay the bill?

94.  Could the lesions be from exposure to Agent Orange?