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Veterans FAQs

95.  Can anyone tell me what happened to my file?

96.  Does my disabled wife qualify for care?

97.  How can I prove my case without military records?

98.  Why was I denied a claim for hearing loss?

99.  Do I have a claim?

100.  I've been denied by VA multiple times.  What steps should I take now?

101.  Do I have any other steps to take for a disability claim?

102.  What should I do to correct this mistake?

103.  Any ideas how I can get to 100%?

104.  Can I get chiropractor care?

105.  Can I get to 100% with my current disabilities?

106.  How much of my disability pay is supposed to go towards child support?

107.  How does a person get their disability increased to 100% from 90%?

108.  Is my elderly mother eligible for air & assistance?

109.  How can I transfer my case to another VSO?

110.  Can a disabled veteran use the Choice program for dental?

111.  Can I get Aid & Attendance for my spouse?

112.  Why are some states denied and others are not?

113.  I live 50 miles from the nearest VA. Can I join Choice?

114.  Is Sleep Apnea secondary to PTSD?

115.  Is SS retirement taxed if I get VA disability compensation?

116.  Can I receive dental care under the Choice program if I live more than 50 miles from the nearest VA dental clinic?

117.  Why am I not receiving compensation for Sleep Apnea?

118.  Why don't veterans in the Philippines get travel pay?

119.  Anyone know how I can find my medical records from VA Medical Center in San Diego?

120.  Can I get financial assistance from the VA to pay someone for assistance?

121.  Will the VA listen to my shrink if I tell him to call them and tell them I am unemployable?

122.  If veteran receives a 100% total combined disability rating from the VA, and SSDI, is there a prohibition law that prevents him from gaining part-time employment?

123.  How do I get my DD Form 214 corrected?

124.  Will the VA take away my brother's disability compensation?

125.  Should I apply for CRSC even though I have no combat experience?

126.  What can I do to stop the VA from dropping my compensation?

127.  Why didn’t the VA warn us about the eliminated benefit?

128.  Aren't veterans rated at 100% eligible to travel Space A?”

129.  Why can't Korean War veterans get the same as the other veterans who get compensation?

130.  How do I get a Navy ship added to the list of ships exposed to Agent Orange?

131.  Can my dependents travel on Space A?

132.  Should I complete paperwork in advance to travel Space A?

133.  If the VA approves a disability that I was previously denied, would I get back pay if the disability is eventually approved by the VA?

134.  Why do I get a pension and not compensation?

135.  How and where can I apply for an emotional support dog for my husband?

136.  Do I qualify for compensation for my lung problems?

137.  Can I travel Space A without my sponsor husband?

138.  Is the USS Cavalier an official Brown Water ship?

139.  Can I get service-connected for a facial scar?

140.  Could I get help with a portable O2 concentrator from the VA?

141.  I’m wondering if I was eligible for health benefits from VA?